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In the Heart of Geneva

To make your life really easy, we have created various mail services and address regitration. They give you the freedom to focus on what readlly matters, your Startup.

Mail Service

Have the peace of mind knowing that all of your important mail is received, collected and secured. Be notified for all new incoming mail. Should you require, we also can open your mail, scan it and drop it into your secured cloud for you to consult it from anywhere in the world. You can then come into the office and collect the hard copy at your convenience.


This is by far the easiest and most efficient was to start your company at a competitive cost.

By registering your company with our address, you reduce drastically the financial impact, simplify your entire creation process.

A Complete Service

The best of both, this plan gives you the ultimate freedom. A legal registration fo your company at Campus, mail service. This is our most demanded service.
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